Savariana VIII

But while we were walking in the procession and throwing our petals and singing the chant to Flora, I was thinking how I could get my lucky eye bead necklace back from Brutilla. When we reached the forum I had an idea. While the priest was talking about how good and kindly the goddess Flora was, I told Brutilla I would trade her one of my bangles for my necklace.

She told me to hold out my left arm so she could choose. Each of my bangles is special and has a story to go with it. For example, the bronze one with the three twisted strands reminds me that even though my family is a small one, just me and Tata and Mama, 'a cord of three strands is not easily broken'. I was hoping Brutilla would not choose my favourite bracelet. It is made of ivory and silver. Tata says it is worth the price of a racehorse. I was secretly praying to the goddess Flora, 'Please let her not choose the ivory bracelet!' I tried to convince her to take the shale bracelet because it is my least favourite.